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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New BTBAM Streaming!

No downloads or anything like that right now. Just wanted to say Between the Buried and Me has their new E.P, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, streaming right now on Metal Sucks.
I'm not as big on progressive metal as I used to be but this collective of musicians never ceases to impress me, unlike a certain band (cough Protest...) Whatever you do however don't wait to long as I don't know how long the stream is gonna stay up!


Is the new cool. Was and will be too. Toss those overdrive pedals out the window. Chill, lay back, relax. Life is harsh enough as it is. As it were as it will be too.

James Blake is a cool cat. Uniquely put, these are subtle soul-singer jams with rhodes and synths to rush in the cool winds. All with a kind of dub-step layout. Retro vibes at times. Bedroom recorded intimacy wouldn't be surprising. This reminds me of a better produced How To Dress Well. Can't forget the auto-tune. Maybe a jazzier Imogen Heap. A hip mash-up of electro and soul.

Chill out.

Tim Hecker

This place is barren, forgotten, and far from the embrace of salvation. The sky is dull and has lost its innocence while monolithic buildings stand as a testament to what once was. 
This isn't living, it is a fate worse than death.
  Dear God let this all be a dream.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In retrospect

Middle School, hated it. No one knew who they really were and especially not me. I spent a lot of days at home just venting my frustrations through music like Slipknot and Seether when I was first really getting into music. I went snooping through my uncle's iPod (do you remember the old ones that were like bricks?) when he wasn't around a lot. Most of the time I hated what I heard, but I wasn't at my musical prime back then

Then one day it happened. Thought I would try it again, was having a bad day needed something to do. Nearing the bottom of his artists is where I saw them: N.E.R.D, yeah Pharell N.E.R.D (though I didn't know about his involvement in the band). They had a funny name, I thought it would be some comedy music, and I needed to vent HARD. I couldn't relate to the songs cause I hadn't been in those types of situations so I kinda just said eh to them. Burn't em to a CD and went on my way. Things start happening in life, I'm on the verge of losing it, so I start going through my music. Not gonna lie here, I bawled hard sometime listening to these dudes cause I was so frustrated yet somehow it made me feel better. Just today I found that CD I burn't all those years back and I started to listened to it. Again no lie, started to play Breakout and a little tear came to my eye man. Not of sadness though just pure happiness from seeing who I was back then and now who I've become. I will always cherish this CD, it's just something really important to my childhood and I thank my uncle for even having that CD you know?

I guess this post is more personal than anything. Filling out my stuff for college has just started to make me think about life...past, present, and future. I don't really know how to end this post without sounding cheesy though. All I'm saying is just live your life to the fullest, cause we only get one shot at it.

And There's more!

I don't feel right posting what I just did without some real content to follow it.

So lately I've been feeling pretty weird about what I usually listen to. For the last 5 months or so I've been listening a lot of guitar driven stuff but now I'm kind of shying away. These past couple of weeks I've been digging further into jazz (more than I have been) and hoping onto the instrumental beat / dubstep train.
Alright Seriously People!
Why was I sleeping on Flying Lotus for so long! Granted I knew the dude has a lot of underground success right now but I was taken aback when I checked this baby out again. Yeah I copped it when it first came out last year, but I gave it a spin like once and never really thought about it again. Was going through my library to delete the junk a little ways back and I just had a blast with this LP. For those who don't know, Flying Lotus is the nephew of the late great John Coltrane....yeah that Coltrane. He's pretty much established himself as King Supreme of the L.A beat maker scene and owns the record label Brainfeeder which hosts a multitude of up and coming experimental artists. But enough Bio, this LP is the "Kind of Blue" of this generation no lie.
Cosmogramma was pretty much a catharsis for Lotus at the time with dealing with his aunt's, Alice Coltrane, death. He said he wanted to embody the traditions and environment he was brought up on while mixing with the current influences in his life. He wasn't joking either, as that is exactly what this LP sounds like. Crazy glitched out beats and grimy bass mixed with smooth jazzy samples and soulful rhythms. Words can't describe how much I adore this album. All I can say is you need to experience this for yourself preferably alone one night...for real.
Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma (2010)


I spent what felt like forever messing with the blog's layout, but with how it looks I doubt anyone would notice.
Anyways, looking at this page from when I started is kinda sad. I really haven't been using this like I wanted to and I'm not sure why. From here out though I'm gonna do my best to make this a legitimate blog that people can come to and check out new things. If your reading this please subscribe and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It will help motivate me to continue on with this and give you all the content you want!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Illest rap concept album?

. . . well there's only like 3 that I know of anyways. Prince Paul's "A Prince Among Thieves" is some of the best MCing I've ever heard. The album fleshes out its story over the span of 35 tracks and boast a multitude of guest musicians (Kool Keith, Biz Markie, De La Soul, etc.) as well. I'm not gonna say much about it except that it one those albums that if you appreciate the hip-hop and rap community you owe it to yourself to check it out.