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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In retrospect

Middle School, hated it. No one knew who they really were and especially not me. I spent a lot of days at home just venting my frustrations through music like Slipknot and Seether when I was first really getting into music. I went snooping through my uncle's iPod (do you remember the old ones that were like bricks?) when he wasn't around a lot. Most of the time I hated what I heard, but I wasn't at my musical prime back then

Then one day it happened. Thought I would try it again, was having a bad day needed something to do. Nearing the bottom of his artists is where I saw them: N.E.R.D, yeah Pharell N.E.R.D (though I didn't know about his involvement in the band). They had a funny name, I thought it would be some comedy music, and I needed to vent HARD. I couldn't relate to the songs cause I hadn't been in those types of situations so I kinda just said eh to them. Burn't em to a CD and went on my way. Things start happening in life, I'm on the verge of losing it, so I start going through my music. Not gonna lie here, I bawled hard sometime listening to these dudes cause I was so frustrated yet somehow it made me feel better. Just today I found that CD I burn't all those years back and I started to listened to it. Again no lie, started to play Breakout and a little tear came to my eye man. Not of sadness though just pure happiness from seeing who I was back then and now who I've become. I will always cherish this CD, it's just something really important to my childhood and I thank my uncle for even having that CD you know?

I guess this post is more personal than anything. Filling out my stuff for college has just started to make me think about life...past, present, and future. I don't really know how to end this post without sounding cheesy though. All I'm saying is just live your life to the fullest, cause we only get one shot at it.